• Samsung Galaxy S10 Launch Live: No Words About Crypto Wallet Yet

    ソース: CoinSpeaker / 20 2 2019 15:26:41   America/New_York

    After what sees to be a brief bearish dip, most of the markets are on the mend once again. It was to be expected a minor correction would kick in after all of the positive momentum in recent weeks. For the time being, the Ethereum price remains below $150, but that may not necessarily be the case for much longer. Ethereum Price Resumes March to $150 Over the past week and a half, all markets have gone through a very bullish phase. While it is certainly possible this will only be a temporary trend, there is a genuine reason to https://themerkle.com/ethereum-price-resumes-bullish-trend-as-150-remains-in-sight/ Publisher: The Merkle